Louvre Australian Shepherds


All of our dogs are fully health tested and assessed by our reproduction specialist prior to breeding to ensure that our dams are healthy before breeding. Each of our puppies are from Fully health tested and registered parents. We raise our litters in our home using Early neurological stimulation (ENS)  and puppy culture protocols. These protocols help me ensure that the puppies we raise are social, biddable, and have received the best start that I could have given them. Early neurological stimulation is an early protocol made up of a series of exercises to stimulate neurological development, while puppy culture is a training program for both the breeder and the puppy owner teaching a positive way to teach your puppy to communicate with you in a desirable way increasing their ability to learn at an early age by offering desired behaviors. 

All of our puppies will have their tails docked, be veterinarian examined, have their first DHAPP vaccine, be microchipped, and will have been given their first dose of Credelio and Interceptor ( flea/tick/heartworm prevention), and be dewormed bi-weekly prior to going into their new homes. I will also provide you with a detailed list of things to purchase before bringing your puppy home and puppy care package to be sent home with each puppy consisting of a bin or tote including . 

  • Cerf ( eye exam results) 

  • growth plate closure information

  • puppy registration 

  • copy of our contract

  • an article on why not to shave double coated breeds

  • parent's pedigrees 

  • your puppies medical record

  • 2-3 puppy toys 

  • slip lead

  • clicker for training 

  • puppy blanket

  • 1-2 treats

poop bags 

 All of our puppies are available with limited AKC and/or ASCA registration with an alteration agreement. Full registration is available to serious show/performance homes on a co-own agreement. I do have a puppy contract agreement to protect our puppies and I do require that it is read and signed prior to taking your puppy home. Our contracts are adjusted accordingly for show/performance co-own homes. Please do not message us asking if we sell with breeding rights if you have no intention of titling your dog in any venue. Our co-own contract requires that the dog be titled in at least one venue(conformation is our preference followed by herding, agility, obedience/rally intermediate) and all health testing be completed before breeding.

puppy pack.jpg


We match puppies into homes based on lifestyles and temperament fits. Aussies come in a range of colors and markings, but the deciding factor is that both dog and human are compatible. For example, we would not want to sell a high energy dog, who may need an experienced trainer, to someone who lives in a small apartment and has little time for training. Choosing a puppy based on color and not based on whether the dog and human are compatible can cause strain on the relationship between the two. A better fit for this situation would be a low drive, easily trainable pup or adult dog, even if the dog wasn't the desired color. We reserve first pick of every litter and assess temperaments  as they grow. We do everything we can to get you the puppy you want. We do not allow our families to pick their puppy, we evaluate personality and structure at seven weeks or older. After this evaluation, we will match our families with the puppy that best fits their lifestyle needs and personalities. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit(via PayPal friends and family, cash, or check) to hold a puppy until weaning. The remainder of the purchase price  is due at the time of pick-up (cash only). We will start taking deposits when the puppies are 2 weeks old and first priority will be given to those that have been in consistent contact with us, our puppy price is $2500 regardless of companion/show. Older puppies and adult dogs will have a price increase. The longer we have our puppies the more time, training, and vet care they require. 


We do everything with the best interest of our puppies in mind and for this reason we do not ship puppies or adult dogs via cargo shipping. You must travel to us to pick up your puppy, some of our families have decided to drive, while others have decided to fly the puppy back underneath of their seat in an airline approved carrier. 

IF you decide to fly with your puppy please check your airline guidelines so that we can discuss what will be needed to get your puppy safely and successfully onto the plane.