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Louvre Australian Shepherds


All of our dogs are fully health tested and assessed by our reproduction specialist prior to breeding to ensure that our dams are healthy before breeding. Each of our puppies are from Fully health tested and registered parents. We raise our litters in our home using Early neurological stimulation (ENS) and puppy culture. These methods help ensure that I am giving our puppies the best start to their lives that I can provide to them. Early neurological stimulation is an early protocol made up of a series of exercises to stimulate neurological development, while puppy culture is a training program for both the breeder and the puppy owner teaching a positive way to teach your puppy to communicate with you in a desirable way increasing their ability to learn at an early age by offering desired behaviors. 

All of our puppies are priced at $2500 (older puppies may have a slight price increase due to training, vet care expenses etc.) and we do require a $350 reservation fee to hold a puppy until their go home date. All of our puppies will have their tails docked (we do not leave tails intact unless there is a medical reason to do so), be examined by our vet, have their first vaccines, be microchipped, and will have been given their first dose of flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and be dewormed bi-weekly prior to going into their new homes. I will also provide you with a detailed list of things you can purchase before bringing your puppy home and puppy care package to be sent home with each puppy consisting of a bin or tote including. 

  • Cerf (eye exam results) 

  • growth plate closure information

  • puppy registration 

  • copy of our contract

  • an article on why not to shave double coated breeds

  • parent's pedigrees 

  • your puppies medical record

  • 2-3 puppy toys 

  • slip lead

  • clicker for training 

  • puppy blanket

  • 1-2 treats

 All Show/performance/breeding potential puppies will be sold on co-ownerships, preferably to proven titling home, however I am happy to mentor people that are new to competing with their dogs. All companion puppies will be sold on AKC limited registration with spay/neuter contracts. Our contracts are adjusted accordingly for show/performance/ and companion homes

puppy pack.jpg

Final puppy evaluations

Our final puppy evaluations are conducted between the ages of 8 and 9 weeks, at this time each puppy's temperament, and structure is carefully assessed. These assessments are then applied to the needs and wants of those that are currently on our approved list for the available litter to aid us in determining which of our puppies best fit the needs of the potential homes on this list. While I do take color into consideration it will not be the determining factor by which we place the puppies in our litters, so we do ask that those waiting for a puppy be willing to wait for the right puppy with the right markings or be flexible in your decision. My goal is to make sure that you go home with a puppy that is compatible with your lifestyle, and a puppy that you are going to be able to form a successful relationship with.  We do breed with the intention of hopefully keeping back a puppy from our litters, and we do reserve the right to keep back any puppy or puppies that we feel may be a good candidate to stay here at Louvre. Please note that we do not keep a formal waiting list. We approve applicants, but it is your responsibility to stay in touch with us and to express your continued interest in a puppy from us. This process allows for me to not have a long list of people to contact whom may no longer be interested in a puppy, resulting in passing up more serious homes due to a lenghty list.

We do everything with the best interest of our puppies in mind and for this reason we do not ship puppies or adult dogs via cargo shipping. Buyers must pick up in person or on occasion we may have trusted friends traveling to your area for dog shows that we are willing to send your puppy with. For those not able to drive in, it is highly recommended that you fly in and take your puppy back on the plane with you (as a carry on) or hire a flight nanny to take care of this for you. The closest airport to us is CVG. You are responsible for making and paying for all shipping arrangements for your puppy. If a health certificate is needed for your puppy, a $100 fee must be paid before the vet visit is scheduled. 

                                                              Winter/Fall 2023
We are planning a  breeding! To be considered please submit your application here on our website, and please remember that we prioritize temperament above all else, we do not allow people to choose their own puppy. We do not place puppies based on color, and we do not leave tails. 

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