Louvre Australian Shepherds

              About US 

I wanted to introduce myself and my breeding program Louvre Australian Shepherds.

All I wanted growing up was an aussie, but my dad didn't believe in paying money for a dog, so I always had a mix breed that I in the found free to a good home section of Craigslist, most of which were poorly bred lab mixes with poor temperaments, do not get me wrong, I loved these dogs but they taught me the importance of genetic temperament. I spent years researching my dream breed and learning all that I could about them. Dreaming of the day that I could purchase my own, when I could finally afford to purchase my own puppy I brought home Jake who later became my heart dog.

Jake was the foundation of what is now Louvre and formerly Ohio Valley. He challenged me to be a better dog owner and he taught me to be a better breeder. I learned so much from this dog over the years and he is still a staple in our story.

Today we are Louvre Australian Shepherds, and we have come along, always learning, always improving. I have been fortunate enough to own this incredible breed and through our puppies we have developed so many amazing relationships with our puppy homes. We are a small scale breeding program and we are located in Ohio. I don't agree with mass producing puppies to meet " market demands." Our dogs and puppies live in our home, travel with me as often as possible, and are active members of our family. Instead I would rather focus on raising a few litters a year and raising them in a stable and enriching environment. I work to build relationships with our puppy homes and to offer them support throughout the lives of our dogs. I strive to breed dogs that are carefully paired together for temperament, health and structure, creating a dog that is both beautiful and sound and then carefully choosing each home for each puppy so that the lifestyle needs and personal needs of our puppies are compatible with one another. I aim to do everything in my ability to make sure that our dams and sires are health tested to chic standards to aid in producing healthy puppies that will bring their families joy for years to come. I love celebrating the success of my puppies and their new families.

I hope you will also check out our Facebook page and follow us for puppy updates, educational post, Aussie Q&A's etc.!

What We Offer

Genetic testing - All of our adult dogs are fully health tested. What does this mean? This means that we perform a series of test on all of our dogs prior to breeding to ensure that they are genetically healthy. The Australian Shepherd health testing consist of a Full genetic panel through a genetics lab such as Canine Health check or Pawprint Genetics, OFA or Penn-hip x-rays taken by our veterinarian and then evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation of American or Penn-hip, and a yearly eye exam done with our board certified ophthalmologist to rule out hereditary eye defects. 

Temperament- As a herding breed correct temperament is crucial to the Australian shepherds ability to perform its job correctly and still be able to transition into the life of a house dog. Australian shepherds are a watchful  breed, but they should never show aggression. Due to the popularity of the breed it is common to see less than desirable temperaments due to dogs being bred irresponsibly. Our dogs are our companions and they need to be stable companions because they accompany us out in public often. This means they need to be able to react with strangers, follow commands, and react to stress appropriately. We implement this into our breeding program by only breeding dogs with stable temperaments and excellent off switches. The key to breeding versatile dogs is balance and a dog needs to be balanced to be used in our breeding program. 

Structure- I hear this all of the time " I don't need a show dog," but the truth is that you deserve one. You deserve to own a dog that was ethically and purposefully bred by a breeder that has dedicated their time to understanding the importance of their breeds health, and traits. You wouldn't rely on your florist to build your home, and you shouldn't rely on the novice to provide you with a stable dog. A dogs structure is essentially how your dogs body is built. The structure of your dog will have a hand in determining the long-term health of your pet. This is because a dogs structure determines, how they stand, how they move, how they twist and turn when doing what they were bred to do.  A dog with poor structure is going to feel those effects earlier than a dog with correct structure and this may present as juvenile arthritis or elbow/hip dysplasia etc. 

Lifetime Support- We don't just produce puppies, we stand behind each individual dog that we breed and we support the families that own them. For the lifetime of your dog Louvre will offer support, and guidance in whatever area you may need help with. When you take home your Louvre bred puppy you will also be taking home a lifetime of breeder support from not only me, but our Louvre puppy owners as well.