We have our puppy structure evaluations scheduled for September 25th. At this time, we will be deciding who our keeper will be and we will decide which puppies will be going to the three homes that have currently placed deposits with us. Please note that we do not promise any particular person any specific puppy until after evaluations have been completed, and we never place our puppies into homes based on color, eye color, or markings. Each puppy is carefully matched to the home that we feel best fits the needs of that individual puppy, and the needs of the individual or family. We do still have room for three reservations for the litter that will be available to go home starting October 1st. If you would like to be considered for our waiting list, please fill out our application and I will reach out to you shortly.

Parsley is looking for the perfect show/performance home. The ideal home will be someone that is willing to compete and title Parsley in both venues. Parsley is a confident and drivey puppy with a very show personality. 

Chive is available to a companion or a performance home. Chive is a wonderful puppy with lots of personality. She is both biddable and drivey and would make an excellent sport dog or hiking buddy.