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Stud Services

We do offer stud dog services to approved AKC or AKC\ASCA registered, health tested females. We offer the option for both live cover with a current brucellosis test result, or fresh chilled semen for artificial inseminations. All cost associated with the breeding are the responsibility of the female's owner including the stud fee and all incurred veterinarian cost of the Stud owner for the breeding such as Exam fees, semen collections, brucellosis testing, travel expenses, etc. The owner of the female must leave a valid card number on file with our veterinarian to be ran PRIOR to services being rendered for the entire cost of the breeding. A signed contract agreement will be signed PRIOR to all breeding's, and the stud fee is due upon the signing of the contract either via a cash payment or via PayPal friends family transaction only. Our requirements for the female are listed below. 

Requirements to breed

  • Females Must be minimum 2 years of age

  • A brucellosis test MUST  be performed within 30 days of the breeding taking place.

  • The female MUST be at minimum AKC registered or ACKC/ASCA is accepted. ( We do not breed to ASDR, CKC, UKC, NSDR, etc.)

  • ALL breed required health testing MUST be complete this includes:

  • OFA hips and Elbows 

  • OFA Cerf exam current within one year of last Cerf exam 

  • A genetic panel ( Our only stud at this time carries 1 copy of DM, females must be clear. 

  • If the bitch owner prefers live cover, they must travel to me. 

  • A stud contract Must be signed and the $1500 stud fee paid in full PRIOR to the breeding taking place. ( cash, PayPal friends and family transaction. We do not discount our stud fee for any reason.)

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